Heavy Haul

 Miller Transfer has one of the largest specialized fleets in the country. Our heavy haul team will provide you with a comprehensive plan to move your cargo. Safety is always first and nothing is ever left to chance.

With one of the largest specialized heavy haul fleets in the country, Miller Transfer is equipped to meet all of your heavy haul needs. Miller can haul some of the heaviest and most unique pieces with its extensive fleet of equipment. By having a variety of trailers and configurations in our fleet, Miller has the ability to offer the best equipped trailer for your specific requirements.


When you hire Miller Transfer to be your flatbed partner, the heavy haul team will design a comprehensive plan for your shipments. Using a collaborative approach, our heavy haul team works closely with the client to understand the intricacies of the shipment and any special requests that must be adhered to when transporting their product. Once these expectations are communicated to Miller the heavy haul team then commences to providing a timely and cost-efficient solution.

In the initial stages of a complex flatbed project, our heavy haul team, including Miller’s transportation and permit engineers, work in concert to provide the most feasible and cost effective transport solution for the size and dimensions of the piece. In conjunction with determining the appropriate trailer, the heavy haul team then conducts site and route surveys. Once the surveys are conducted, the permit engineers communicate with the Department of Transportation (DOT) to secure the appropriate road permits. If modifications or upgrades are required for the roadways then Miller’s engineers interface directly with local contractors to ensure that the modifications concur with specifications and are in accordance with all safety regulations.


Finally, during the execution phase of a Miller heavy haul project, nothing is left to chance. Our heavy haul team follows the carefully designed transportation plan to the final detail. Public safety is always first while transporting heavy haul shipments. The end result is a heavy haul shipment delivered safely, cost efficient and on time.