The Early Years

Miller Transfer and Rigging Company “Miller Transfer” began in 1968, after the purchase of the operating rights and property from Miller Transfer & Storage, a local trucking company. This company was located in Clarion, Pennsylvania operating with two trucks, primarily transporting household goods.

After the purchase, the name was changed to Miller Transfer and Rigging Company. It was at this time, this newly formed company began directing its efforts to the transport of steel products and industrial machinery within a three state area of Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Michigan.

Miller Transfer remained at the Clarion, Pennsylvania facility until 1970 when they purchased land in Edinburg, Ohio. They constructed a five thousand square foot building, which housed both dispatch and a maintenance facility. The new location was chosen because of its close proximity to the major interstates and their industrial customer base.

Expansion Into Heavy Haul

After relocating to Edinburg, Ohio, Miller Transfer began to develop its business strategy of transporting heavy machinery including expanding operating rights to service all points in and east of the Mississippi river. During the 1980’s, the company grew significantly adding terminals throughout the Eastern United States. Not only did the company’s legal dimension freight volume grow, its heavy haul business was also expanding. As manufacturing increased during this time period, so did the sizes and weights of the commodities transported. As the result of the increase in product sizes and weights, along with state bridge restriction weight laws, the use of multi-axle equipment became prevalent. These multi-axle heavy haul units allowed trucking companies to transport significantly heavier weights within the each states’ weight restriction mandates.

Miller Transfer was at the forefront of this exciting time in the trucking industry. The company purchased its first multi-axle trailer in 1985. The trailer connected to a three axle tractor created a nine axle combination. The trailer had a load capacity of 50 ton. The trailer was an enormous success and Miller Transfer soon after purchased a larger trailer having an 80 ton capacity. Due to the unique capability of the 80 ton trailer, it was used to transport three pumps weighing 80 tons from New York to Utah. The pumps were used to pump water out of the Great Salt Lake to the desert. The arrival of these pumps were critical because of the risk of flooding Salt Lake City Airport. Miller Transfer delivered all three pumps safely and on time. The success of the project won Miller Transfer the 1988 SC&RA’s “Job of the Year” award.

New Leadership

Throughout the 1990’s, the company continued to expand. In 1996, the company was purchased by longtime employee, James R. Unger, Miller Transfer’s current President. Mr. Unger, a Certified Public Accountant began with Miller Transfer in 1971 holding various financial and executive management positions. Under Mr. Unger’s tenure the company has grown in both personnel and terminal locations. There is a Miller Transfer terminal in most major seaports as well other strategically located areas throughout the United States. The company continues to expand in terminal locations, with the newest addition in Atlanta, Georgia.

Along with the expansion of terminals, Mr. Unger knew that the building constructed in the 1970’s was not compatible for his vision of expansion and growth. After his purchase of the company he realized, that both operations and administration needed to be housed under the same building. Previous to the construction of a thirteen thousand square foot complex at the same Edinburg, Ohio facility, the administrative functions were carried on some thirty miles away. In January 2001, the new corporate building was completed, moving all operations under one roof.

Prepared For The Future

Throughout the 2000’s, Miller Transfer has continued to grow. Miller Transfer currently has one of the largest fleet sizes in terms of capacity in the country. Within this fleet, it also has one of the most extensive array of heavy and specialized trailers. Miller Transfer’s fleet of tractors and trailers are continually maintained and updated to ensure its commitment to safety and efficient transportation to its customers. 

Also during the 2000’s, a state of the art computer system was purchased. The new “Enterprise Resource Planning system” encompassed all departments within the company. The new computer system has allowed Miller Transfer to operate more efficiently in accounting, billing, and dispatch.

To date, Miller Transfer, holds operating rights, servicing all points in the contiguous United States, including Alaska and Hawaii, intrastate authority throughout the nation, and extra-provincial rights for all Canadian provinces. Interline service are also available between all Mexican and U.S. borders.

Comprehensive Services & Proven Capabilities

Miller Transfer is ISO certified, and C-TPAT recognized.

Value added services are available to the customers in need of warehousing, multi-modal transportation and overseas delivery. An experienced, innovative logistical team is also available for single source management of transportation projects.

Warehousing is available through an affiliated company, Clarion Warehouse. Two large warehouses are located at the Edinburgh, Ohio complex, and one large facility is located in Dover Ohio. Import export crating is available at the Dover, Ohio facility along with railroad deliveries. Warehousing is also available at a Los Angeles, California facility.

As Miller Transfer continues to expand, the company is always reminded of its founding principal to exceed its customer’s expectations with continual quality improvement through teamwork, partnership, on-going education, innovative thinking and effective communication.