Power Generation Specialists

Miller Transfer has provided transportation services for the power generation industry since the inception of the company in 1968. The people at Miller understand the unique transportation requirements involved in power generation and are experienced in responding to them in a safe, efficient, and decisive manner.

Miller is fully committed to its partners in this industry. This commitment is prevalent throughout the organization by our team members who have special training in the nuances of power generation and its operating procedures. Miller is constantly trying to accommodate their customers’ powergen needs; thus, we continue evaluating ways to expand our fleet. This is often done by designing state-of-the-art trailers specifically for the powergen industry.

Nuclear Industry

Miller Transfer has been involved in the nuclear industry since the installation of the first generation nuclear power plants. During which time we have successfully transported small, medium and large oversized components, up to the seemingly impossible products.

Often times, Miller has played a major role in transporting new, reconditioned and replacement components for various nuclear power plants and companies within the nuclear industry. Specifically, some of these items include; reactor coolant pump/primary heat transport pump motors, control rooms, turbines, steam dryers, transformers, generators and many other products. Also, we are in full compliance with the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) for current HAZMAT regulations and we can transport radioactive (LSA) materials.

Miller Transfer is frequently responsible for the planning, execution and final completion of many nuclear replacement reactor vessel closure heads. These complicated shipments require months of planning to ensure the replacement reactor vessel closure heads were delivered safely and on time. Miller is responsible for all critical aspects of transporting the piece from a port of origin to its final destination. Multiple modes of transportation typically used include; multiple truck configurations, barge and rail.