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An Extra-Wide Range of Reasons to Use Miller Transfer Heavy Haul - News - Details

An Extra-Wide Range of Reasons to Use Miller Transfer Heavy Haul

If you live in a certain heavily populated southeastern Virginia coastal town and were out after dark on July 18, you may have witnessed an unusual sight: a 31-foot-long, 29-foot-wide and 16-inch-thick steel platform being carefully transported through the city streets – and taking up nearly three lanes of traffic!

As you can imagine, hauling such an unusually wide load (often referred to as a “superload’) involved meeting many requirements and restrictions, from scheduling between the hours of midnight and 4 a.m. when there’s less traffic to securing route surveys and permits to arranging traffic control, police escorts, and certified escorts for added public safety. All of which were meticulously coordinated and managed turnkey by the experienced professionals at the Miller Transfer Norfolk Terminal.

According to Norfolk’s business development manager, this job – like many others – started by developing a preliminary route survey, from the originating point to the delivery point. Miller Transfer engineers first select potential routes and then a heavy-haul driver, with experience in that particular type of load, actually runs them. The driver then reports back to the team which route is optimal and what adjustments may need to be made. In the case of a wide load like this one, Miller Transfer doesn’t have to consider low-hanging wires or bridges as much as street signs that may need removed.

Once a proposed route has been selected, the Miller Transfer team submits permits to both the city and state. “With our years of experience, we typically know what will pass and what won’t, but there are always some variables that we just can’t foresee,” our Norfolk business manager explains, “like scheduled road construction or even a parade. Some dates and routes just work better than others, and we adjust our schedule accordingly.”

What equipment was used for this superload? Surprisingly, Miller Transfer utilized a typical flatbed trailer. The advantage of using a flatbed for transporting freight this wide is that a flatbed is the tallest trailer available – about five feet off the ground – so it’s high enough to clear anything low.

And Miller Transfer should know. With more than 50 years in the business, the company has moved a lot of complex loads. This customer relationship, specifically, has included everything from transporting emergency vehicle generators that weighed some 300,000 lbs to hauling 20-foot wide boat propeller struts. Miller Transfer has the equipment, experience and knowledge to move these kinds of loads.

To get a quote or learn more about the Miller Transfer Heavy-Haul Service, call our team at 800.669.6877 now. “There is a lot of planning in doing a move this size. It takes time and specialized knowledge to make it all come together,” our Norfolk business manager says. “That’s the key – good planning along with a skilled driver who has experience with a particular type of load.” And you’ll find both at Miller Transfer.