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It Is Never Too Early to Make Us Part of Your Scheduled Shutdown Planning - News - Details

It Is Never Too Early to Make Us Part of Your Scheduled Shutdown Planning

Spring is just around the corner, which means longer days, warmer temperatures, and operational shutdowns for many power plants across the country.

Why spring? Electricity demand skyrockets in summer and winter months as consumers draw heavily on the U.S. grid to power heating and cooling systems. To meet this peak demand on the electrical system, power plants typically schedule refueling and maintenance outages in the spring or fall, every 18 to 24 months. These shutdowns provide the opportunity to inspect, repair and/or replace reactor coolant pump motors, pumps, vertical and horizontal motors, and transformers. Components can weigh 30,000 to more than 150,000 lbs. and require hauling anywhere from across the state to across the country.

Miller Transfer understands power generation challenges, and has the experience, knowledge, equipment and teams already in place to anticipate your needs and provide reliable, cost-effective solutions.

Invaluable Experience
Based on our 50+ years of experience, we know that preparation is key to heavy hauls, particularly within the power generation industry. That’s why the Miller team will meet with you as far as three to four months in advance to start securing permits, escorts and equipment. The earlier the better, as some permits take four to eight weeks to secure depending on the site of the move.

Industry Knowledge
Miller Transfer knows this industry. Our drivers know plant locations, procedures, entrances and exits. They know the loading personnel. They know the stringent security measures. Many have HazMat (hazardous material) endorsement. And all have completed additional Miller Transfer training. The extreme depth of knowledge and skill of our teams directly relate to higher rates of success for our customers.

Specialized Equipment
While the types of equipment needed for power generation transportation vary, the diverse Miller Transfer multi-axle fleet offers great flexibility. Depending on your component’s weight and dimension, our creative engineers and designers can make modifications or even develop specialized trailers and other equipment to meet your project’s exact requirements.

Comprehensive Teams
In addition to an experienced project manager, engineers and CDL drivers, you can count on comprehensive operational teams to meticulously handle all your project’s intricate details, from ordering permits and securing escorts to scheduling routes and surveys. We, in fact, survey all routes – even familiar ones – prior to the job as roads get repaved and power lines are moved. Miller Transfer’s mechanics are even available to be onsite during inspections or throughout the entire move if needed.

Ongoing Communication
Most importantly, the Miller Transfer team works seamlessly with your team. From your logistics personnel to engineers, purchasers and administrators, we believe in building solid relationships with contacts throughout your company. Whether working on a specific project or not, Miller Transfer takes a comprehensive approach to an entire customer account. During a move, our team is in constant communication, providing updates at least twice a day. Updates include GPS markings to let you know exactly where your shipment is en route.

While Miller Transfer strives to ensure that all goes as planned, you can rest assured knowing that we always have a contingency plan. In the power generation industry in particular, failure is not an option.

To find out more about how Miller Transfer services cater to the power generation industry, contact the Miller Transfer terminal near you or call 1.800.669.6877 now.