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Miller Transfer Cross Border and Port Services - News - Details

Miller Transfer Cross Border and Port Services

You probably know that Miller Transfer offers flatbed, heavy-haul and over-dimensional transportation services across the U.S., from Oil City to the City of Angels. But you may not realize that we also provide reliable transportation across all of North America and internationally via port service. With years of experience in cross-border and port service logistics, Miller Transfer can safely, dependably and seamlessly transport your freight to Mexico, Canada and beyond.

Miller Transfer’s Cross Border and Port Services team is made up of logistics specialists, in-house engineers, and specially trained drivers. Together, we coordinate every detail of the job, from initial planning through execution and follow-up. “We start by gathering information and determining sizes and weights for the best suited mode of transportation, whether it be truck, rail, barge or a combination,” explains Miller Transfer’s Director of Special Projects. “We then itemize and price all aspects of each type – such as rail clearance, securement and tariffs, and port charges – before providing you with a detailed list of cargo for each trailer, rail car or barge with travel times.”

What’s more, with Miller Transfer Cross Border and Port Services, you only receive one invoice from one company, instead of sourcing out various aspects of the project and receiving five-plus invoices. We also ensure that everything is in proper order with U.S. Customs and Border Protection, so there aren’t delays in customs clearances. We only use qualified vendors and perform thorough tracking of loads while abroad, which ensures trailers are returned timely by carriers. And, most importantly, you never feel a loss of control once the cargo leaves the country thanks to our daily status reports.

Best of all, Miller Transfer Cross Border Services allow your cargo to remain on one trailer the whole way, so it’s not handled any more than it needs to be. “I recently had customer who wanted to make sure that his cargo would remain on our trailer the entire way,” says Miller Transfer’s Terminal Manager, Garden City, Georgia. “We loaded in Charlotte, North Carolina, and our driver took the trailer to the customs broker’s yard in Laredo, Texas, to wait for customs clearance. Once it was cleared to cross, the Miller Transfer Laredo office arranged for our Mexico partner to come grab the trailer in Laredo and take it across the border. It was delivered a day or two later to the end customer in Ramos Arizpe, Mexico.”

Miller Transfer offers a turnkey approach to its port services, too. In Savannah and other Southeast ports, we provide a local drayage and trans-loading service. “We pull the containers and/or flat racks from the port, bring them to our facility, and strip and trans-load the cargo from the containers. Then, we load them back out on the necessary over the road trailers for final delivery to the end customer. We can also offer short- or long-term storage in our more than 500,000 square feet of warehouse space,” says Miller Transfer’s Terminal Manager, Garden City, Georgia.

According to Miller Transfer’s Los Angeles Terminal Manager, it’s excellent planning and customer service that keep our customers coming back. “We simply have less issues than the other guys when it comes to cross-border services because we communicate and plan so well.”

For your next cross-border or port job, remember Miller Transfer. Our extensive network, plus that of our reliable partners, will ensure that your shipment arrives to its Mexico or Canada destination on time, every time, at a highly competitive price point. To find out more, visit our Project Management page on our website or get an online quote now.