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Miller Transfer Strives for Straight A's in Safety - News - Details

Miller Transfer Strives for Straight A's in Safety

As more and more bright yellow buses re-join our vehicles on the road, Miller Transfer reflects on our company’s number-one core value: safety. Everything we do is filtered and evaluated against this value -– so much so that we’ve built a vibrant and healthy culture of safety that is continually being nurtured and grown within our own operational structure. One that is supported by a broad range of specialized equipment, programs, and initiatives, such as:

Reliable Electronic Log Devices
While the federal mandate only requires model year engines 2000 and later be outfitted with electronic log devices (ELDs), all Miller Transfer tractors are equipped with them, regardless of age. This enhances overall safety by allowing greater adherence to hours-of-service (HOS) regulations, as well as improves our ability to quickly garner the status and geo-location of any driver and equipment at any time.

Regular Vehicle Maintenance
Miller Transfer vehicles are regularly inspected and maintained by both vendors and our on-site maintenance facility to ensure that they can safely operate on our nation’s roadways. Our perspective is always to consider the vehicle traveling next to us as one containing our own family members.

Comprehensive Driver Awareness, Education and Training
Miller Transfer regularly coaches our drivers on seasonal safety hazards – such as distracted driving, road construction, severe weather, and adverse driving conditions –through monthly publications distributed to drivers and terminals. What’s more, we’ve developed custom video training modules based on specialized equipment operations, and recently implemented an easily accessible web-based training platform. The platform covers 600-plus topics associated with transportation, OSHA and warehousing to provide real-time corrective education on the heels of any safety event.

Valuable Driver Incentives and Recognition
In addition to offering driver incentives for receiving “clean” (violation-free) roadside inspections, Miller Transfer annually recognizes and rewards drivers that obtain a million safe miles. Proud of the untold hours of work that go into achieving this milestone, we honor our Million Mile Club during the Miller Transfer holiday party every December.

Wealth of Technologies
Our company has heavily invested in technologies to aid further our efforts in modernizing and streamlining our approach to safety. We utilize innovative programs such as OmniTracs, a best-in-class end-to-end fleet management software; the Infiniti Online Training portal, a powerful online truck driver training solution; and RAIR Compliance, fully-integrated services to help DOT-regulated fleets comply with safety regulations.

Safety, in essence, is a people issue. Our customers trust us with safely delivering their goods to their customers in a safe and damage-free manner. And, we want our drivers, as well as the motoring public, always to arrive home safe and sound. To achieve this, our company’s attention is always focused on the next safe mile.

“At Miller Transfer, safety is more than a word. It’s a way of life,” says Ray Fribley, Miller Transfer Director of Safety. “The goal of all of our efforts is to arrive at the safest outcome possible, again and again.”