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Mini-Deck Trailers Offer Versatility - News - Details

Mini-Deck Trailers Offer Versatility

With a variety of new unique trailers and configurations in our fleet, Miller Transfer can provide the most specialized solution for your specific load requirements, from 1,000 to more than 400,000 lbs. However, it’s our Mini-Deck trailer that has become one of our most popular. Its sheer versatility allows Miller Transfer customers to do so much with just one trailer.

Featuring a loaded deck height of 13-14 inches and 4 inches of ground clearance, the Miller Transfer Mini-Deck meets bridge clearance heights without sacrificing strength or size. The 48-foot long trailer offers 28’-8” in the well (53 feet with 33-8 in the well) for maximum loading area and a weight capacity of 30 tons. It is also equipped with a hydraulic hat box and adjustable suspension height to maintain the lowest deck height possible, as well as a minimal camber to maintain deck height for both light and heavy loads.

In fact, Miller Transfer Mini-Deck trailers are so popular, people can’t stop talking about them:

Smoother, Faster Service
“Thanks to Miller Transfer’s Mini-Deck and route survey, our driver left Friday at 3 p.m. and, without the extra height, was able to get the shipment delivered Tuesday evening for a Wednesday morning delivery.”

Reduced Costs
“With the Mini-Deck, our customer was able to load inside the building and clear an overhead exit door. Without it, we would of had to bring in an outside crane company and load outdoors, which would have increased costs.”

Added Versatility
“Our driver was able to utilize the Mini-Deck to keep the load height at approximately 13.10 – versus a lowboy that would have been much more expensive at 14.09 high and would have required a high pole escort.”

More Business
“I have been able to secure a lot more business from a company that manufactures large signs with our Mini-Deck trailers. We can take a sign that is 12’ tall and make it a legal load, saving the customer money and time. Their business more than doubled last year and is going to be even better this year.”

Find out how a Miller Transfer Mini-Deck trailer can benefit your next critical oversized shipment – and business. Call the Miller Transfer heavy haul team at 800.669.687