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The Miller Transfer Proven Process - News - Details

The Miller Transfer Proven Process

Regardless of the solution we create, Miller Transfer customers know what to expect from our company. That’s because we follow a consistent process – one that was developed in-house to ensure the highest level of quality and service.

Miller Transfer is unique in that we take the time to know and understand the customer experience. That understanding has evolved into a documented approach defined by a sequence of events that occurs in every customer relationship. By visualizing the customer journey, the Miller team can better clarify, document, and meet expectations over the long term.

Every step of the Miller Transfer Proven Process builds upon the prior one, allowing for collaboration along the way. Each step also has its own set of objectives, which the team meets before progressing to the next. “While the process is broken into sections, no one is more important than the other,” says David Cochran, Miller Transfer vice president of sales and marketing. “From the moment we identify each other, these steps begin and flow…with the best relationships running the process over and over again.”

In fact, the last steps of the Miller Transfer Proven Process are circular in nature to demonstrate that the customer experience is an ongoing relationship. That’s one of the key benefits of the process – the organic progression of our business relationships, from initial transaction-based engagements to long-term strategic partnerships with our customers.

Everyone in the Miller Transfer organization – from our sales and marketing group through operations, project management, and drivers – understands and implements this same seamless process. “Whether we realized it or not, our most favorable outcomes inadvertently have followed these steps,” shares Cochran. “And as Miller Transfer continues to grow in size and scope, the process – part of an overall roadmap – will give us the momentum we need for continued success.”

In other words, we at Miller Transfer recognize that customers will continue to rely on us as a high-quality carrier if we take the time to do everything right. “This process is our differentiator.”

Talk to your local Miller Transfer representative about how the Miller Proven Process benefits you. Or learn more at now!