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We've got the heavy-haul equipment you need. And the people you want behind it. - News - Details

We've got the heavy-haul equipment you need. And the people you want behind it.

For more than 50 years, Miller Transfer has been providing top-of-the-line equipment for heavy-haul and over-dimensional loads. From standard flatbeds, step decks, and Conestogas to stretch equipment, double drops and multi-axle trailers, customers know that they can count on Miller Transfer to have the most advanced, continually upgraded equipment available. “The 75T 12-axle step deck is one of the most commonly used trailers,” says the Miller Transfer Heavy Haul Operations Manager. “It can handle a wide variety of freight and offers easy mobilization.”

But it’s not just the equipment that makes our heavy haul and over-dimensional services so valuable. It’s our people. Miller Transfer has a team of passionate and experienced business development and project managers, engineers, logistic specialists, specially trained drivers, and every one of them is committed to each and every haul.

We start by having conversations. A lot of them. In fact, Miller Transfer has business development managers across the U.S. that meet with customers in person and communicate the process for moving a heavy haul or over-dimensional load. We work closely to get time frames, precise dimensions and weight, drawings, if possible, and information on the loading and delivery sites. We set realistic expectations from the very beginning, so everyone is on the same page every step – and mile – of the way.

Are you concerned about construction restrictions? Weight limits? Low overhead clearances? Don’t be. Our project management team surveys routes, arranges traffic control, procures pilot cars and police escorts, as well as assigns a team of skilled drivers who have specific experience in transporting heavy-haul and over-dimensional freight. Our teams take into consideration everything from scheduling to avoid heavy traffic to challenges like low-hanging wires and bridges, as well as street signs that may need to be removed. In most markets, Miller Transfer even has a representative on both the loading site and the delivery site to ensure that freight, however complex, arrives safe and on time. Every time.

“We are constantly reviewing areas of opportunity,” explains Miller Transfer’s Milwaukee Business Development Manager, “and seeing how we can provide a more competitive and safe way to move equipment down the road.”

So while our competitors may offer similar tractors and trailers, no one can compare to Miller Transfer’s talent. It’s our expertise and teamwork that really set us apart – and miles ahead of the rest.

To learn more about Miller Transfer Heavy-Haul and Over-Dimensional Services, visit our website or contact your local terminal and let us go the distance for you.