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What Exactly Is Project Management?

Project management, in general, facilitates the efficient delivery of your complex shipment. Whether it entails engineering an extreme load, supervising multiple legal loads for JIT delivery, coordinating cross-border service to Mexico, or arranging packaging through our warehouse affiliate, Miller Transfer project managers have the specialized knowledge and skills to complete your most intricate hauls on-time and on budget.

Our project managers are, in fact, experienced problem solvers. “When a load exceeds dimensions or weight that eliminates typical permits and equipment, I look into alternative methods,” says Jeff Morrow, Miller’s director of special projects. “For example, a 400,000-lb load traveling from Ohio to Texas can’t be moved through some states due to excessive gross or axle weights. It’s up to my team to develop another solution, which may include rail, barge or even other equipment that requires modification, lease or purchase.”

Also taking into account Miller Transfer’s internal departments and all the personnel involved, our project managers architect the very best scenario for each step of the haul. Most importantly, though, they manage the transition between each phase – with the ultimate goal of achieving seamless continuity throughout.

Miller Transfer project managers also work directly with our customers from planning to completion, so there are never any surprises. Our customers are aware of the risks and all of the steps needed to complete each task up front. They also know the time frame for each step, and the backup plan if needed. This is essential since the Miller Transfer team may have to change methods – right in the middle of a haul – because of not being able to overcome an obstacle or simply uncovering a better solution. Whatever the situation, Miller Transfer project managers keep our customers informed and involved in the decision-making process, with recommendations based on our valuable expertise.

Yes, Miller Transfer’s most valuable asset is knowing how each step of a process can affect the next – and being able to explain options for the best outcome. It’s a result of our team’s extensive in-house training and years of hands-on experience. It’s what truly sets our service apart from other companies claiming project management services. “I have 35 years in special projects,” shared Morrow.

And he’s not alone. As a company, Miller Transfer has been managing transportation projects for more than five decades. And while we always have – and will – focus on customer service and efficiency, Miller Transfer is continually evolving our services to include the very latest in technology, equipment and methods. The simple fact is that we have to. Load size and weight have grown significantly in the last decade, along with the expansion of worldwide locations. Today, Miller Transfer is hauling cargo sizes that weren’t possible 10 or 20 years ago and traveling to and from locations that we never dreamed of in the past.

Project management is one of many Miller Transfer offerings designed to offer customized services based on customer needs. “From customized reports and accounting to standard load trucking with special needs,” says Morrow, “all customer needs to do is ask.”

To discover how our project management service can benefit you, contact your local Miller Transfer representative. Or visit millertransfer.com/projectmanagement now.