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As an over-dimensional high-value freight transport company, Miller Transfer takes the steps necessary to deliver your shipments safely, securely, and efficiently.


What Is Over-Dimensional Freight?

Over-dimensional freight is generally any load more than 48’ in length, 8’6” wide or with a loaded height of 13’6” or higher. Since these loads don’t fit the maximum length, width and height that trailers are typically expected to haul, they can be potentially hazardous on the road. Over-dimensional freight can interfere with travel in adjacent lanes and – depending on height – can result in a longer route to get around low obstructions like bridges, wires, etc.

All over-dimensional loads require permits. Depending on the overall dimensions, special requirements may be needed in addition to permits. These could include route surveys, private escorts, bucket trucks to lift electric lines, police escorts and travel time restrictions to name a few. Contact us to discuss your specific load.

Proven Solutions

Miller Transfer applies our decades of field experience to understand your high-value project needs and help you achieve your goal. Starting with our in-house project management team, we will help design a comprehensive plan that includes configuring the specific equipment, procuring all the required permits and escorts, and assigning one of our skilled drivers. All to effectively guide your over-dimensional freight to its destination.

Nothing Left to Chance

With one of the largest specialized fleets in the country, the Miller Transfer over-dimensional team will follow your custom plan down to the last detail. Because safety is always first and nothing is ever left to chance.

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With our nationwide flatbed fleet and highly skilled drivers, Miller Transfer will transport your freight safely, securely and on time. Every time.

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